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Pastoralist Integrated Support Programme (PISP) was founded and registered as a national NGO in 1996. PISP exists to reduce poverty and vulnerability amongst pastoralists within the greater Marsabit County. Since its registration and initial operation in the northern part of the greater Marsabit County, PISP today has its programmes spread and felt by communities in the entire county and has influenced policies nationally and globally. 

PISP mainly concentrates its efforts in seven major thematic areas and are addressed in the current strategic plan (2013 -2017) which is being implemented. The areas of focus includes; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Livelihoods Support and Development, Leadership and Good Governance, Education, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Enterprise and Capacity Development Services and Health and Nutrition. 

However, Gender mainstreaming, environmental management (climate change) and HIV/AIDS are always mainstreamed into all the above mentioned strategic programs and institutional development areas. They are considered to be cross cutting themes which cannot be divorced from any developmental agenda. 

Over the years PISP has accumulated a lot of experience in various sectors especially in the areas of water and environmental management. Within the area of water resource management and governance, humanitarian aid and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) the organization has learnt that; it is important to use pastoralist friendly approaches to project implementation, community training is best done in local languages, community contribution is insisted on to avoid dependency syndrome and onsite training is most efficient as the process is always deemed important as the outcome. This is because the challenges experienced over the years have been turned into lessons learnt, aiding programmes implementation strategies as well as informing the focus for successive years.

PISP’s innovative programmes among the pastoralist nomads in Northern Kenya received recognition from the international community, specifically the Equator Initiative, for being one of the outstanding grassroots project in the equatorial belt in 2004. The international award was given by the UNDP, IUCN, Nature Conservancy, IDRC, ICDR, United Nations Foundation, and her development partners to grass root initiatives around the world that have achieved tremendous success in reducing poverty through the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. 

PISP is also an active member of the world forums such as World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism (WISP) and World Alliance for Mobile Indigenous People (WAMIP). Nationally PISP is a member of the Indigenous People’s National Steering Committee on Climate Change.  PISP is also an active member of the County Steering Group (CSG), County Education Forum (CEF), Water and Environmental Sanitation Coordinating Forum (WESCOORD) at the county level. PISP is also a member of Marsabit County Non-State Actors Forum (MACNOSAF) and Marsabit Indigenous Organizations Network (MIONET).

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