Month: December 2023

Lemiton Lereyo

Lemiton Lereyo

Lemiton Lereyo is a male aged 74 years old, from Nairibi village of Laisamis sub-county. He was a herder and due to the drought lost all his herd becoming a pastoralist drop-out. It is as a result of the effects on his source of livelihoods that he turned to dry land farming. He does farming …

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Supukon Lengutai

Supukon Lengutai is a widow 72yrs of age from Nairibi village of Laisamis Sub county. She is a caregiver to six (6) children as she lives with her own two (2) children and four (4) grandchildren. She is from the Rendille ethnic community famous for indigenous beadwork making knowledge and skills. She narrated that immediately …

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