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DRR and Emergency Intervention

In several successive droughts emergencies PISP carried out various emergency related activities in the county. In 1997, PISP rehabilitated boreholes, ferried water to communities using water tankers, strengthened capacities of twenty strategic Water Users Associations. In 2000/01 and 2005/06 through emergency funds provided by ECHO/CORDAID and Caritas Austria, PISP tankered water to 120 communities in Marsabit district that experienced acute water stress and provided fuel and service parts for 27 highly used boreholes situated in the rangelands. The assistance enabled the pastoral nomads to access the water from boreholes at zero-rate during the emergency. The emergency assistance, through water tankering relieved immense burden on the loading camels, and enabled them to survive the drought stress. The survival of the loading camels meant that the pastoral nomads are enabled to continue practicing nomadic pastoral livelihoods as opposed to settling down in relief centers after drought emergency due to lack of baggage animal critical for the mobile lifestyle. PISP emergency assistance targeted pastoral livelihood from a holistic perspective than just saving lives during drought conditions.

In 2009 PISP successfully implemented a multi-donor funded drought emergency project in Marsabit County. The intervention under this project ranged from food voucher, livestock slaughter (destocking), Water trucking, Fuel and spare parts subsidy for boreholes, peace support and public health sector support related to drought vulnerability.

PISP has no doubt demonstrated adequate capacity to handle disasters at a large scale than any undertaken before in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 through funding from different partners (Caritas, ECHO, CORDAID, Concern Worldwide, UNICEF and VSF-G). PISP is one of the leading agencies responding to the drought emergencies in the county.

Restocked livestock beneficiaries

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