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Marsabit Drought Resilience and Response Project

PISP- CONCERN FIM PROGRAMME 2015: PISP as implementing partner in Chalbi and Laisamis Sub Counties

Project Title: Marsabit Programme for Enhanced Action on Resilience (Chalbi and Laisamis Sub counties)

Project Objectives: To build the resilience of the extreme poor in Marsabit County to shocks in a rapidly changing ASAL environment

  1. Increased return on assets
  2. Improved capacity to participate and interact with markets
  3. Improved adaptability to changes in the environment

PISP programme implementation strategies for livelihoods development programme targets very poor and marginalized community groups to be able to overcome the prevalent livelihood shocks. One of the key programme elements is building of an increased emergency alertness and response capacity using the Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CM-DRR) approach. This method seeks to identify the community’s level of vulnerability to drought and other related hazards or disasters with the aim of increasing community capacity to cope with the effects of increasing humanitarian crises whenever they occur.

PISP methodologies of program Implementation:

  1. Working closely with the government line ministries and other stakeholders to boost ownership and sustainability of the project
  2. Training the communities to improve the local skills and expertise
  3. Community meetings/dialogue to keep the community abreast with the project’s and developments concerns across the County/Country/World.
  4. Structural development on cost sharing basis to boost the Ownership of local infrastructure
  5. Linkage with development agents for further support
  6. Work with households as a unit (whole) including female headed household
  7. Present the project to CSG (County Steering Group) meeting to avoid duplication of the projects.

The projects’ key stakeholders include the members of County Steering Groups (CSG). PISP will continue to collaborate with GoK line departments, bilateral organizations and NGOs to harmonize development approaches in the County.

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