Lemiton Lereyo

Lemiton Lereyo

Lemiton Lereyo is a male aged 74 years old, from Nairibi village of Laisamis sub-county. He was a herder and due to the drought lost all his herd becoming a pastoralist drop-out. It is as a result of the effects on his source of livelihoods that he turned to dry land farming. He does farming as a source of livelihood whereby this season he managed to plant maize, beans and sukumawiki (kales) hence hoping to harvest soon if it will continue raining.

Leminton reported that he used the cash received from the project to boost his farming ventures where he topped up on purchasing maize, beans, sukumawiki (kales) seeds for planting and pesticides for his garden. He aims to supply his garden produce especially the vegetables (kales) to the residents of Nairibi village.

Above all he appreciates HelpAge/PISP team for their great work during the prolonged drought and requests them to continue supporting older persons and PWDs.

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