Supukon Lengutai

Supukon Lengutai is a widow 72yrs of age from Nairibi village of Laisamis Sub county. She is a caregiver to six (6) children as she lives with her own two (2) children and four (4) grandchildren. She is from the Rendille ethnic community famous for indigenous beadwork making knowledge and skills. She narrated that immediately upon receiving the cash transfer she bought some beads and started making some beautiful ornamental products such as belts and bangles which she intends to sell in order to make some money. She is very happy and grateful for the support received which she said was timely and really saved her family members lives. Supukon humbly requests if it’s possible and wishes that the project would continue to support her until she is able to stand on her own by investing in her income generating activity of bead products making for sustainability.

Supukon also strongly feels that the money she received has indirectly benefited others, such as the local small scale traders of the village kiosks. She said “those who bought the belts and bangles were happy to get beautiful products and the kiosks owners happy to get a customer to purchase their merchandise”. She said that all these was possible through the support received in form of cash transfer from HelpAge/PISP partnership. She said “I am sincerely grateful and say thank you to PISP and HelpAge for coming to our aid by rescuing us during this hard times.

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