Umuro Tide Banchale

Umuro Tide Banchale is from Kalacha Centre of Maikona Ward of North Horr Sub County. In his introduction, he says he is 72 years old, a husband to one wife, and a father to two (2) children. He is the sole breadwinner for his household and was a nomadic pastoralist but is currently a pastoral dropout due to loss of all his livestock due to the drought. He said “I do not own any shoats”.
Umuro posits that the cash transfer program has given him an inspiration to save in order to purchase assets like shoats (goats and sheep) to recover from the effects of loss caused by the drought and build some resilience. He reported that before the drought through the income from the cash transfer he purchased two sheep. He lost one to the effects of drought and was left with one which cherishes so dearly that he said “Cash transfer has really opened up our minds because I do what I wish to do, so before drought I purchased two sheep but thanks to God only one survive. The only sheep that remain has really changed my life and I keep it like my child as it provides me with milk and I do take care of it with a lot of care.
He opines that with the continuation of the project of cash transfer he says he is sure more success stories will be achieved. He feels that the program has installed the culture of saving every month among the beneficiaries. He says he will sell some milk from his sheep during the current rainy season to enable him to buy few food stuffs for my family. He expresses his gratitude PISP and HelpAge as they have given him some for the future. Finally, it’s his hope and prayer that the program will continue and also requests increment in the amount provided.

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