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Lemiton Lereyo

Lemiton Lereyo is a male aged 74 years old, from Nairibi village of Laisamis sub-county. He was a herder and due to the drought lost all his herd becoming a pastoralist drop-out. It is as a result of the effects on his source of livelihoods that he turned to dry land farming. He does farming as a source of livelihood whereby this season he managed to plant maize, beans and sukumawiki (kales) hence hoping to harvest soon if it will continue raining.

Leminton reported that he used the cash received from the project to boost his farming ventures where he topped up on purchasing maize, beans, sukumawiki (kales) seeds for planting and pesticides for his garden. He aims to supply his garden produce especially the vegetables (kales) to the residents of Nairibi village.

Above all he appreciates HelpAge/PISP team for their great work during the prolonged drought and requests them to continue supporting older persons and PWDs.

Budha Ali Umuro

Budha Ali Umuro is a 64 years old lady from Maikona village of North Horr Sub County. She is a widow and lives with her daughter and is the sole bread earner for the family. She says that she used to own livestock but due to the just ended drought she has none now. She has turned to dry lands farming as an alternative source of livelihood for her family. She currently grows water melon which is her source of living.

Budha, reported that she used cash she received from HelpAge/PISP supported project to purchase seeds for gardening. She decided to plant watermelon so that she could sell in the local market of Maikona to get some cash. Budha says that the little she gets from the sale of the produce; she uses for the upkeep of family. ” You understand, there is a lot of needs as long as human being exist, we thank God even if we are not able to get all what we need, we appreciate if we get the basic essential things that is needed in life” she said. She really appreciated the support received through HelpAge/PISP partnership and promised to always pray to the Almighty for their existence. She especially appreciated the cash transfer approach and said, “it gives me the freedom of choice of what to buy and security of access”.

Adi Kanchora Jirma

Adi Kanchora Jirma is a female aged 66 years old from Sagante village of Saku Sub County. She lives with her daughter and a grandchild and does farming as a source of livelihood on one-acre piece of land. This season she has managed to plant some maize and beans hoping to make some harvest if the rains sustains for a month or more.
Adi has a hearing problem (hard of hearing) and requires one to talk to her by raising his/her voice for her to be able to follow the conversation. She is the breadwinner for her household and relies on her small farm for survival. She says that due to the bad climate conditions, she was not able to benefits from her farm for the last three. She said, “I thank God! that I am today able to plant, weed and hope to harvest from my farm, due to favourable climatic condition.

Adi reported that she used the cash she received through the project to buy food stuffs and pay for her medical expenses. She also bought seeds for planting, which are maize and beans seeds which she has planted and is the process of weeding. Adi also said that from the sale of apportion of her farm products she will buy some basic essential education requirements such as pens and books for her grandchild. Adi really appreciates the support received through HelpAge/PISP partnership for it enabled them to overcome food deficiency challenges during the difficult drought period. She still urges that the donors to keep on supporting them until such a time that they will be able to stand on their own.

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