Who we are

Pastoralist Integrated Support Programme (PISP) is an indigenous, non-partisan and nonprofit organization registered in Kenya in 1996 (Registration No 0P.218/051/95209/585) with NGO Coordination Board. PISP strives to engage community members and strengthen local institutions to improve their social, economic and environmental resilience. PISP embraces a people centred approach focused on inclusive community empowerment, local capacity building, strategic institutional linkages and community driven and owned development for sustainable outcomes.

PISP in its current strategic plan (2020 2024) in the next 5- years, will concentrate its efforts in five major thematic areas namely;

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Climate Action, Drought Management, Livelihoods and Resilience
  • Leadership, Governance and Development
  • Security, Peace Building, Conflict Prevention and Recovery
  • Partnerships, Linkages, Resourcing and Institutional Development.

In all programmes, gender and HIV/AIDS are mainstreamed as cross cutting themes, and are also designed within framework of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), Human Rights Based Approach (HBRA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) to achieve the set objectives.

Our Mission Statement

To build resilience and reduce vulnerability among pastoral communities through appropriate strategies that enhances sustainable development.

Our Vision Statement

A Prosperous Pastoralist Community

Organizational Culture

PISP desires to nurture the following organizational cultures:


PISP shall endeavor to involve the communities, staff and other relevant stakeholders in all phases and levels of its undertakings.


To realize meaningful results, PISP shall only engage in value adding initiatives that address felt community needs based on its expertise and capacity.


PISP strives to be a dynamic, innovative and insightful organization that is continuously reflecting on and improving its practice.

Staff Development

PISP recognizes that staffs are its most prized resource and aspires to acquire, motivate and retain a hardworking, dedicated, resilient team of staff.


PISP aspires to build on and maintain its reputation as a conscientious, dependable and trustworthy organization


Considering the insurmountable development challenges, PISP realizes that it must collaborate well with all other development actors in order to be successful.

Core Values

The key values of PISP include amongst others;

Diversity &

Professionalism & Quality Service Delivery

Accountability & Transparency

Non Partisan, Non Political & Neutrality