Impact that lasts

The collective achievements of PISP have greatly influenced the Marsabit
community members by strengthening local institutions to improve their
social, economic and environmental resilience

Here are some of the ways we
have realized our impact.

PISP has pioneered development and promotion of innovative and appropriate approaches in water harvesting technologies in its areas of intervention have been replicated.

PISP has managed to attract and maintain desired levels of qualified and dedicated personnel and board members.

PISP has continuously upheld the principles and values of transparency and accountability to communities, government and donors/other stakeholders

PISP has from time to time undertaken Organizational Capacity Assessments (OCAs) which have been used to identify capacity and training needs of staff for action.

PISP has been able to undertake participatory project identifications, designing, implementation and monitoring satisfactorily. This is well supported by its reported growth in the funding base as well as documented achievements in its evaluation and monitoring reports.

PISP ensures that there is full participation of all actors including amongst others the staff and key stakeholders of PISP in programming and strategic institutional growth.

PISP has elaborate and adequate procedures in place that supports project implementation, human resource and administration. These are; human resource policy manual, Project management manual, financial management policy manual and Office management policy manual.

PISP has successfully adopted Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) frameworks as core strategies in development planning and implementation.

Lessons Learnt

From its practice and development initiatives, PISP recognizes a number of important
lessons that it deems useful for its future work. These include amongst others that:


Collaboration with other stakeholders in development is essential in order to be successful in guaranteeing a holistic approach to human development.

Human rights

Considering the operational context of the organization, it s necessary to always factor in conflict sensitivity (do no harm) principle, human rights based approach (HRBA) in service delivery, climate change adaptation and gender mainstreaming within program activities.

Human Resource

In order to be successful in implementing its programs, a desired level of dedicated and qualified human resource capacity is extremely essential.


That sometimes organizational challenges can spur its growth and/or development the challenges PISP faced in its past have in a large way served to strengthen it.

Income Generation Activities

Income Generating Activities (IGAs) are essential as part of organizational and financial stability and continuity. These must be managed professionally to be successful.

Humanitarian relief

It is imperative to carefully intertwine humanitarian (relief) & development activities within the program area (DCM/CMDRR approach to programming) to deal with the frequently occurring disasters while maintaining a longer term development perspective.

Key Programs

Marsabit County Drought Emergency Response Project

Kenya Emergency Response to drought affected Older Persons in Marsabit County

Post Covid 19 response project to support micro enterprises and small scale farmers to revive their projects

Marsabit Drought Resilience and Response Project