Security, Peace Building, Conflict
Prevention and Recovery

Peace meeting at Gas between Gabra & Samburu communities

Considering the disruptive effects of previously experienced conflicts in the area, PISP aims to contribute towards trust building and harmonious co-existence among various communities in the county. The activities undertaken in order to achieve this goal includes; engaging local leaders in peace building and conflict management, facilitating inter/intra community dialogues and capacity to relate well, supporting inter-ethnic schools sporting events and schools peace clubs, capacity building and/or direct support to peace committees and engaging in shared programming amongst warring communities e.g. water for peace.

PISP has partnered with UNDP, Saferworld, Sign of Hope and The Christensen Fund (TCF) among other donors to undertake these activities in collaboration with local traditional and government structures. PISP would continue to engage with different actors and stakeholders for peace building and conflict management initiatives linked to different causes; resource based conflicts among pastoralists, politically instigated conflicts and religious related conflicts.

A traditional alternative dispute resolution forum venue

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